Relationship Coaching and Mentoring Private Sessions

Relationship coaching sessions will help you become happy and confident

How I will help you.

These sessions will open your eyes to the underlying causes of your worries. 

Once we have identified the cause, I will show you how to look at situations from a new perspective, a positive one. 

Not everything bad that happens to you is necessarily bad, everything happens for a reason. 

Throughout this journey, you’ll develop better problem solving and coping skills, whilst being hardened to stress ( I won’t be stressing you in the sessions, it comes naturally) 

Your confidence and self-belief will go through the roof. Those huge worries you have now for small problems will vanish, never to be felt again. 

You will then be ready to start a new journey of finding the relationship you deserve. 

In between sessions I will still be guiding and supporting you, to properly engrave the new mindset that you need. 

This will not be a speak once a week type of commitment. I will be sure to reinforce the work from the sessions, to make sure we accomplish the goal we have set. 

This will put you in the right frame of mind to finally love yourself. 

The first step to finding the relationship of your dreams. One that lasts.

The benefits of letting me guide you. 

  • Self awareness, resilience and confidence will become second nature. 

  • You’ll learn to love yourself, the first step needed in order to love someone else. 

  • You’ll find the approval needed from yourself, not others.

  • The confidence you’ll have in yourself will refine your decision making. 

  • People around you will notice the new you. 

  • You will laugh about the fears and worries you used to have. 

  • You’ll learn to move on from the past, and live in the moment. 

  • It will be the beginning of the life and relationship you truly deserve. 

Confronting your problems head on might seem daunting. However, it’s a crucial step in ending this period of low self-esteem. Placing you on the path of building the relationship you want and deserve. 

Although it’s possible to figure out how to do it yourself, the sessions are ideal for making significant changes in a far shorter period of time. Believe me, it took me over 20 years of trying to figure it out for myself. 

It’ll develop a new confident mindset and deep belief in yourself.

My office is based in Nottingham (UK) but with online coaching it doesn’t matter where you live. I’ll be able to help you.

During the coaching and mentoring sessions you will receive:

  • A plan of action that is customised specifically to your needs and what you want to achieve.
  • 1 hour private and exclusive coaching sessions by phone, video call, or face to face at my base in Nottingham. We’ll discuss the likely number of sessions you’ll need on our initial free chat.
  • Unlimited follow up support & questions via email and messenger for the duration of the sessions.
  • Worksheets for the powerful tools you’ll be learning which you can revisit for years to come.
  • The outcomes people have achieved with me are improved confidence and self-belief.
  • A real sense of focus and inner strength leading to happy long term relationships.
  • Significant improvements in all their personal relationships, a healthier lifestyle, and a new confident mindset that can deal with any challenge you face.

This is a personalised service. It is based on your requirements and what you want your outcomes to be. This will be discussed in your free introductory phone call.

You might want a one off session to try it out and get some immediate strategies, or a block of sessions to really get to grips with your problem.

Blocks of sessions 

10% Discount for block of 5 or more sessions. Paid in advance. 

Sessions are £45 each. The end result is priceless.

Get in touch to start your journey to a happier life. Phone me or just email me below.