Fed up being single?

Fed up being single and alone? Do you want to get into a new relationship that’s just right for you? Get the support and and guidance of an experienced and qualified coach and mentor. Someone who understands what it’s really like.

single sad person feeling alone

Are you single and struggling with the following

  • Do you make every effort to get out there, meet new people, go on dates. But then can’t seem to meet the right person? Or perhaps you’re attracted to a certain type, but they’re not actually the right type for you.
  • Maybe you’re feeling alone and believe you’re destined to be forever single, despite truly wanting a loving, committed relationship? Do you find relationships hard?
  • Have you been in one or more relationships with a partner that has seemed just right for you.  It’s gone well for a while, but then for no clear reason, things start to fall to pieces, and you end up breaking up. Are you afraid that all your future relationships will fail?
  • Is the thought of getting back out there on the ‘dating scene’ filling you with fear. Are you lacking confidence when meeting new people. Worried that nobody will show any interest. You could be experiencing relationship anxiety. I’ll help you understand what triggers relationship anxiety. 
  • Is there an ex that you can’t get over and you compare every new relationship to them. 

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions above then relationship coaching  will help you break free from your old patterns and find your perfect match.

Why I can help you if you're single

You see I’ve been there many times in the past. Sabotaged relationships because I didn’t feel good enough. Shut down my feelings because it’s easier than feeling vulnerable. Spent nights lying awake worrying about what to do. I’ve pushed partners into affairs because I couldn’t communicate my feelings and they felt alone and unloved. 

Fortunately I got help because I was so unhappy being constantly single and so alone that I needed to change something. Now I totally understand what I was doing and why I was doing it. Now I am here to help you through your own challenges. I’ll bring out the best in you. You’ll feel more confident, more decisive. less anxious. You’ll finally know what you want and be in the best place possible to start again. 

Results you can expect from singles coaching


As you have probably figured out, there’s more to finding the right partner than just going on a ton of dates. My personalised 1:1 singles relationship coaching and mentoring sessions will help you discover the truly brilliant and confident person you can be. You’ll then be in the best possible place for a new relationship. 

Here are just some of the results coming your way from your focused relationship coaching sessions. You will:

  • Uncover what’s been causing your past relationships to fail. You’ll find out the reason for past relationship failures and make them a thing of the past. You’ll let go of any baggage or relationship anxiety you’ve been holding onto. Then you can enter into future relationships ready to succeed.
  • Learn that you don’t have to settle for less than you really want. So many people believe that they have to make huge compromises or sacrifice a large part of themselves to be in a great relationship. That’s simply not true!
  • Feel better about yourself and more confident when dating. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what’s most important to you. Then you’ll identify your strengths, talents and the special qualities you bring to a relationship. The end result is that you’ll feel much more confident when dating, more attractive, and have real self-belief.
  • Create a clear vision for your ideal partner and relationship. We’ll take a look at ‘your type’(if you have one) and explore how this has been working out for you and if you need to change your relationship criteria. You’ll get totally clear on ‘what type’ of partner is best for you. It may not be who you think!
  • You’ll become the best possible version of yourself so you can start dating with confidence and leave that single life behind once and for all.
Ready to get started on your wonderful journey ? Give me a ring or use the contact form below.