Are commitment issues stopping you from a healthy relationship?

There can be a thousand reasons for a relationship not to work. But maybe you feel lost and lonely and don’t know what to do. Maybe you’ve even lost all of your confidence and self-belief. Work with me and we’ll get to the root of the problem. 

Only you can change your future.

You’ve probably been accused of having commitment issues, or being scared to commit. 

A lot of people think it is just an excuse, but it is a real problem. 

There are plenty of factors that can cause such issues, such as,

  • Your upbringing
  • Your family history
  • Negative past relationship experiences

These can have a huge impact on how you behave in relationships. 

(these are not the only factors: we’d be here all day if I list them all out)

But because of how loosely the phrase is thrown around today, it can make it challenging to figure out if you just don’t want to commit or if you’re dealing with issues. 

Bear in mind, it is entirely possible to truly love someone but struggle to commit.

You deserve to be happy

Don’t ever think you aren’t entitled to happiness, this is a big problem in today’s world. 

People think they don’t deserve what they want, so they stick to what they already have. 

Everyone deserves what they want. Don’t ever think otherwise. 

You deserve a happier life

Suffering from commitment issues can be detrimental to not only relationships, but your day to day life as well. 

From low esteem to relationship anxiety, to even struggling to focus at work. 

The internet also doesn’t help. You might read something online and be left asking yourself “Is this really an issue?” “Should I do something about it?” “Maybe time will make it better”

Unfortunately this is the worst thing you can do. 

Most people just wait and hope it stops or give up trying completely. 

All this leads to is a vicious cycle of unhappiness. 

More often than not, you will give it some time, and then find someone but push them away because you’re afraid of what could happen. 

This will affect your confidence, self-belief and self-worth, even more, leaving the problem worse than when it started. 


You might have gotten help before and it didn’t work, but they most likely hadn’t been through it themselves. 

Talk to me. I’ll guide you through this maze we call relationships. Bringing out the best of you and helping you discover what you want in the process. 

What Coaching will help you achieve.

  • Discover a real sense of clarity, become more decisive about what you want. Find out why you’ve always had to be the one to compromise in a relationship, and get your sense of identity back.


  • Have you always felt unheard and that no one is listening? I’ll listen and help you identify your strengths so you can finally value yourself for who you are. 


  • Learn how to effectively communicate your feelings so you feel heard. 


  • You’ll be clear on what you want in a relationship, with no compromising or settling. 


  • Realise why you always struggle to commit. 


  • You’ll be emotionally and mentally stronger. 


  • A huge boost in confidence and knowing what is best for you.
Do you want to be strong and confident in a relationship? Get in touch and I'll help you through this. Phone me or use the contact form below.