Commitment issues holding you back?

Are commitment issues holding you back from finding the loving relationship you deserve. Do you feel lost and lonely and don’t know what to do next? Perhaps you’ve lost confidence and belief in yourself. Maybe you’re experiencing relationship anxiety. Work with me and I’ll sort it for you.

Commitment issues

You have the power to change your future!

It’s not uncommon for people who avoid long-term relationships to hear they have commitment issues or a fear of commitment.

Many people use these phrases casually, but in reality, commitment (and the fear of it) is often quite complex.

Your upbringing, family history, negative relationship experiences or other factors can influence how you behaves in a  relationship. 

This can make it difficult to tell the difference between someone who just really doesn’t want to commit and someone who’s dealing with other issues. I’ll help you understand this.

Finally, keep in mind that commitment isn’t the same as love. It’s entirely possible to love someone and still have trouble with commitment.

If you're ready for a relationship, but the idea of commitment is giving you sleepless nights. Work with me.

You deserve to be happy. I think a lot of people don’t think they’re entitled to happiness and so they stick with the life they have rather than focusing on what they really want. You deserve more than that. 

I want a happier life for you!

Wanting a relationship but being afraid to commit will affect you in many different ways. From low self-esteem, relationship anxiety and confidence issues through to struggling to concentrate at work, etc… More often than not, it does lead to a vicious cycle of more and more unhappiness for you.

It can be a very confusing time too. Should you do something about it? Is it actually that big an issue? Maybe time will make it better… Unfortunately, the common way to deal with it is often to wait or hope and unconsciously give up trying.  

So at this rate, nothing is going to get solved any time soon…

You will end up in a vicious cycle of wanting a relationship but pushing people away because you’re afraid of what might happen. It affects your confidence, self-belief and self-worth. This then impacts so many other parts of your life. 

If you’ve tried to get help before and nothings worked then talk to me. I’ll help you through this minefield that we call relationships. 

I’ll bring out the best in you. You’ll feel more confident, more decisive. less anxious. You’ll finally know what you want and you’ll be in the best place possible to start again. 

What Coaching will help you achieve.
  • During relationship coaching I will help you get real clarity, and you’ll become more decisive about what you want.
  • Maybe you feel like you’re the one who’s always had to compromise in a relationship. We’ll get clear on why this is and help you get back your strong, confident identity. 
  • Have you never really felt listened to. Is this affecting your confidence and self-esteem. I’ll help you through this so you truly recognise your strengths and finally value yourself for who you are. 
  • Do you struggle to communicate your feelings to others. It’s hard sometimes to know what to say or how to say it. I’ll help you get real clarity on how to communicate effectively so you really get heard. 
  • By the end of your coaching with me, you’ll be clear on what you want in a relationship. Why you’re struggling to commit, and how to be your absolute best in a relationship without constantly having to compromise yourself. 
  • You’ll be emotionally stronger, way more confident, more decisive and have a real sense of what is best for you. 
Do you want to be strong and confident in a relationship? Get in touch and I'll help you through this. Phone me or use the contact form below.